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Shari, a critical care nurse educator with a masters degree,  describes concrete benefits after her week of the Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program.

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"When we discovered that my daughter was dyslexic, I did the normal thing parents do, and I rampaged the internet, educating myself and seeking strategies. The Davis® program resonated with us right away, with its kinesthetic qualities and empowering messaging.


My daughter embarked on a week-long adventure in the program with Angie, and nothing has been the same for her since! As a part of the Davis® program, she created letters and images out of clay, which gave her ownership of those letter symbols that had been frustrating only a week earlier.


In the six months since she completed the program, her reading level has increased more than two grade levels, and while that is impressive, what I value most is her increase in confidence. Before working with Angie, my daughter had convinced herself that she couldn't learn, and now she knows how amazing her brain is."          

                                               - Mother of  Hazel (pictured)

Symbol mastery according to Aoife:



"If reading were like driving on a road, then letters and trigger words are the potholes. Every time you master a word or symbol it's like paving over a pothole."

(Note:  Aoife's reading level jumped from kindergarten level to 3rd grade level within 3 months.  2 months later she was assessed at the 4th grade level.)


"Listening in class is easier now (1 year later).  

Before, if I understood the lesson, if the teacher or students used too many words, I would get confused.  Now, if I understand the lesson, it's fine.  

Before, if I did not understand the lesson (new concept) I would just go off on "Aoife Island" (daydream).  Now, I raise my hand."


"Before I did the Davis® program math was just like a pile of bricks scattered everywhere.  After I did the program it was like all those bricks were stacked neatly.  Tutoring has been like filling in all the cracks." 

                               -Aoife, fourth grade client

(Note:  Aoife's 5th grade math test average rose to 93% the year after doing the math program AND with ongoing tutoring.)


(From an email response from a parent of a Davis client who also does math tutoring sessions. ) :


"You are such a wonderful teacher, Angie. We watched Inside Out again the other night for fun and Ziba was delighted to see all the characters and to remember that "Mr. Decimal" is actually called "Jake" in the movie. When she saw him she yelled, "Hey! It's Mr. Decimal!" and then today she was also talking about other visual pictures she made that helped her understand the world, the cat burglar, etc. Your strategies are effective in helping her with math and also just understanding herself, how she thinks, and how she can apply what she's learning about herself from you to other topics. Thank you again, Angie." 

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