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Visual Math Tutoring

Gradient Ocean

Having taught math in a classroom for several years I understand the goal  of teaching to all 30 students, ensuring each and everyone  learn in the way that works best for them.   I also understand that, for various reasons, some students do not get their needs met and would benefit from consistent one on one help.  


If your son/daughter is struggling to learn math in the classroom setting, if they are anxious about doing homework or taking tests, one on one tutoring may be the answer.  

I work hard to find an approach that works for each student. Translating the concept into something visual/ in the real world is often what  is needed.  


I offer tutoring services for elementary school math through algebra (3rd ish -9th grade algebra). 

First  step:  

  • I meet with you / your child and give  an initial assessment, listen to both of you and what type of support you are interested in.

Second step:

  • Schedule 2-3 trial sessions and then determine if it's a good fit.


  • Assuming school work is part of the equation,  I ask to know their school assignments at least 24 hours ahead of time.  I'm open to communicating directly with the teacher. 

  • If it becomes apparent that too many words are causing a lot of confusion or frequent misreads/misperceptions happen, a Davis® program would likely be the quickest path to resolving persistent confusions.  I'll keep you informed of my observations and you and your child can decide if you'd like to do a program before further tutoring.  

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