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Meet the Facilitator

Welcome to Mt. Tabor Learning Solutions!  My name is Angie Beer, a former 6th grade teacher, elementary math teacher, and current Davis® facilitator as well as a math tutor.   I live in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood in southeast Portland, Oregon.  


As a classroom teacher, I was drawn to students challenged by learning barriers.  Working one on one after school hours helped, but was not enough.  I became a tutor.  One on one focused attention enabled some of my students to succeed but still fell short for others.  Searching for solutions to reach my students and overcome their learning barriers, I found the Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program.  This program, at its core, addressed the fundamental perceptual issues underlying learning disabilities.  The Davis® program offered an explanation of why some of my students were still struggling and a specific game plan for how to help.  

During each Davis® seminar I met parents who were drawn to become facilitators because of the life changing experience their child had had. 


My first practice client afforded me the opportunity to witness firsthand what these parents had experienced.   My client was a 4th grade student reading at the kindergarten level, and "afraid" of all things related to math.  She was open and ready to address these issues so agreed to participate in a Davis Dyslexia Correction® and Davis® Math Mastery program. I witnessed her picture thinking brain "fill in" blanks with clay models of trigger word definitions.


 Positive results followed each program. Her reading strengthened significantly, she was no longer "afraid" of math, and, in fact, discovered she had a strong math brain. It had been the dyslexic symptoms that had gotten in the way (numerals move/+ sign becomes x sign).  With tools to stabilize perception and clay work on symbols and concepts that caused confusion, within a year after the initial program reading and math were tamed.  


I am excited to share this program with all who have struggled to find a learning approach that gets to the root of the problem.


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