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"Dyslexia is an unintended result of a perceptual talent."

- Ron Davis, founder of Davis® programs


Ron Davis, the founder of these programs, thinks in pictures. Reading was exceedingly difficult for him. He did not learn to read until the age of 38 when he discovered two missing pieces to his reading instruction:

 1 ) A focusing tool that made the letters “behave”  (not move around the page).

2) A method to master all words that caused him to lose focus.

Words that do not connect to a mental image (I.e. the, of, if) cause confusion for a picture thinking individual.  They "poke holes" in the meaning, making it difficult to comprehend what is read.  There are about 200 of those words. 


(Note:  all bold faced words are examples.)

These tools and methods make up the heart of the Davis® programs.

  • All Davis® programs are 5-8 full day intensive programs that address the underlying causes of learning challenges. ​​

  • Clients create personal learning tools that help them achieve optimal perception and focus. ​

  • Once tools are in place, clients are ready to employ their natural thinking style to methodically master the words, symbols or concepts that are  at the root of their confusion.

How will this work?

5 Benefits of working with Mt. Tabor Learning Solutions:

1. You will feel heard. In our first meeting, I'll listen to your story, learn what's working, what's not, and your goals for your unique situation. 

2. Individualized plans. Every student and every mind is unique, that's why we'll make a plan that works specifically for how you learn and think. We know one size does NOT fit all.  

3. Confidence restored. Individuals with learning challenges often face years of frustration and failure, which beats down their confidence and self-worth. The Davis® Method works with each student's strengths, restores their hope, and builds their confidence and self-esteem.  

4. Easy to use at home. Not only will you (and your child) experience breakthroughs and successes during our program, but you will know exactly how to continue this success at home. Ongoing support is also part of the package.

5. Easy to schedule. We know you are busy and have lots of puzzle pieces to your life. We will come up with a schedule that works for you and your family.

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