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Davis® Math Mastery

Brief Overview:

 This program is designed for those whose strongest learning takes place through pictures and creating.

The program provides an intensive, 1-on-1 experience where clients learn:

  • how to control focus

  • master key underlying math concepts

  •  explore basic elements of elementary mathematics

All concept building is done 3 dimensionally, using clay. Once concepts are mastered at a 3D level, clients transition to demonstrating each concept with pencil and paper.  

Foundational Skills Gained:

  • Ability to create and monitor focus.

  • Ability to regulate one’s own energy level, matching it to the task at hand.  

  • Ability to understand and appreciate one’s own learning style, recognizing the gifts that are inherent.

  • Ability to resolve confusions caused by numerical symbols.

  • Ability to reduce stress and anxiety.

  • Ability to monitor one’s level of understanding.

Academic Related Skills gained based on Individual Needs/Goals:

  • Improved visual meaning of concept of numerals.

  • Confusions resolved with mastering math symbols and terms.

  • An understanding of underlying concepts (change, cause/effect, before/after, consequence, sequence, time, order vs. disorder) and how they relate to math. 

  • Improvement with basic math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction concepts and decimals)​

  • An understanding of place value and the base 10 system.

  • Math related skills:  telling time, reading or using a calendar, counting money, making change, reading bank statements, determining a tip. 

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