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Davis® Attention Mastery Program

  • Are you imaginative and creative,  but  have difficulty translating those ideas into action?

  • Do you struggle with focus and paying attention?

  • Do you have a weak sense of the passage of time?

  • Is organization a struggle for you?


Brief description:  

Individuals struggling with attention issues are usually highly imaginative and creative; however, they are likely missing some basic life concepts.  These missing concepts may prevent them from carrying out their ideas and achieving what they've envisioned.  


Missing concepts result from a tendency to become disoriented easily (lost in thought). While disoriented  the individual is focused on his/her thoughts and does not take in basic life lessons happening around him and, thus, does not internalize key concepts such as change, cause and effect, consequence, sequenceresponsibility, order/disorder, before/after or a sense of time.  


Focusing Tools:

In this program clients learn a simple technique to become truly focused within seconds, giving the client control over when s/he is oriented (tuned in to the outside world) and disoriented (lost in thought). 

Foundational Concepts:

Clients explore, create and practice the afore-mentioned  life concepts until they become understood and a part of them. 


Foundational Skills Learned:

  • Ability to create and monitor a focused state

  • Ability to regulate one's energy level, matching it to the task at hand.

  • Ability to tell time, use a calendar and understand the relationship between an oriented state and accurately estimating the passage of time.  

  • An understanding and appreciation of one's own learning style and a recognition of the gifts that are inherent. 

  • An understanding of order vs. disorder with a tool to implement order according to 9 point plan.

  • Ability to understand and address undesirable behaviors, creating a new order of behavior and a plan to follow. 

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