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An empowering approach to dyslexia, ADHD & dyscalculia 

Is this you or someone you love?

  • Is reading tiring? Frustrating? Do words move or blur? 

  • Is math experienced as a jumble of numbers and symbols?

  • Do you have difficulty maintaining focus?

  • Is it hard to pay attention in school? At work?

  • Do you often miss instruction  due to being lost in thought

  • Daydreaming?

  • Are you tired of people telling you to try harder?


Are you...

  • Imaginative and creative?

  • An out of the box thinker? 

  • Quick sense of humor?

  • Intuitive, artistic, musical?  

  • Athletic? 

  • Easily sees “the whole picture”?

  • Good at fixing things, taking things apart and putting them back together?










You may be someone who thinks in pictures rather than in words. This is a talent that approximately 20% of the population has. Welcome to Mt. Tabor Learning Solutions! I am excited to share these unique programs that get to the root of learning challenges. ​

Take this interactive test for dyslexia:  

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